Saturday, July 21, 2007

SHELTER Sets: A French Treat For You

A week late for Bastille Day, however...

I found some incredible screen shots of Amelie Poulain's apartment in Montmartre.

Here are just a few:

My favorite, the "Plum cake" scene.

Red, olive green, mustard yellow, and a few sharp hits of an electric blue.

Oh, and this one? It's actually a dollhouse that someone made!

Photos from Flickr: modnoir (images 3,5,7), arfogram (image 8)

Updated: Images 2, 4, and 6 are originally from this site.


Anna said...

I adore that movie and the score, it's so beautiful. In German the title of the movie is "The fabulous world of Amélie" - and I think that's exactly what the movie creates: a fabulous world.

Thanks for reminding!

Anonymous said...

I *so* want to live in Amélie's apartment.

becoming-home said...

Thanks for posting these!

I was always completely taken with that red apartment..