Tuesday, July 10, 2007

First and second choices are out

The white frame blends with the mat and the whole thing disappears into the very pale blue walls.

Black, the second choice, is also not right even though it does match her mask and the temporary bedspread.

Weird, but doesn't this look like I drew a frame on the picture with a Sharpie?

I think I need to find a frame that goes with the headboard, perhaps orange. Maybe I also need to change the off-white mat to a truer white?


The Shopping Sherpa said...

Could you paint the frame orange or red to pick up the colour in the headboard then move it across and add a second matching frame?

You've got a lot of symetry going on and with just one picture you have a triangular shape from the wide bed, the brown things on the wall, smaller headboard and even smaller print.

Just my 2 cents worth :-)

Moxie said...

On our wall, Genevieve is part of a group of family pictures. She's in a floaty frame, which I might not have liked because of the faux mat showing, but I really don't mind how it turned out. I think you can see her here.


Your bedroom is beautiful! I love the serene feel of it!

casapinka said...

I think you should paint the frame red and it will look smashing against the orange pillows and headboard. It will look PERFECT!.

ooops, I just saw that Shopping Sherpa said the same thing. I was also going to suggest a second picture so you don't have a triangle effect but SS also said that. SS needs to come help me at my house, too!!!

Great work, L.

Anonymous said...

Use a soft pink for the frame, like the background of the picture. The white passpartout gives enough distance between the picture background and the frame.
This would complement the picture without overwhelming it, like orange or red would. It is also a color of the rainbow bead head and matches the two pillows. And a girl cannot have enough pink in her bedroom ;-)
Alternatively try the green of the dress.

Felicia said...

LOL Yeah, it does look like you used a sharpie. Hope you find the right mix.

Girl Wonder said...

so which color did you choose? i see that you chose one, but what is the brand/color name??
thanks :)

lsaspacey said...

Are you talking about the picture frame or the wall paint? The picture is still in the black RIBBA frame from IKEA and the walls are in Behr's Himalayan Mist.