Friday, June 08, 2007

Why can't I arrange my pictures?


I really am going to attempt it this time. I have two great expanses of off-white walls to cover. However, I am terrified of putting little holes all over the place and still being disappointed. I have done my research, I have my inspiration photos, and I have framed the heavy hitters. Now I just need to start playing with display arrangements.

I have my research, like this article from the Better Homes & Gardens site. [By the way, have you checked out the magazine lately? Not bad at all.] also provided these helpful and easy rules.

But I still wish it was as easy as this interactive salon wall tool from Cottage Living's website. While playing with this, I came out like a pro and everything looked fabulous.

Some great examples of what other people have been able to do, all found on Flickr:

Photo credits: darwinbell, aoneko, scrtagentmarten, thomatically, and jiminycrow


Nicole said...

Ah, good luck. I have the beginnings of a wall like that, but with only three pieces so far! ;) I always like the look of them in everyone else's homes though.

mohairpink said...

You can do it, Lisa - you just need to get a level and start nailing. One tip - if you put a nail in the wrong place it can almost always be covered up with a picture!

becoming-home said...

I never thought about how tricky it actually is to do that! Kind of like a jigsaw puzzle :)

If it were me, I would note the measurements of each photo and the available space and create shapes in any graphics program and plot them out just as black squares or whatever until you liked the way everything fit together and use it as a guide.

Sort of a lazy man's version of the H&G way!

Ten Thousand Only said...

i'm redoing the living room and wanted to do something like this...but didn't know how. thanks for the tips!