Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Things to get done during or after the Cure


  • Test Glacial Tint and Himalayan Mist! pale blue samples from Behr and paint bedroom with the chosen color (Done 4/07)
  • Assemble white IKEA Vika Amon/Vika Artur desk (Done 5/07)
  • Mount empty brightly colored picture frames from to emulate this image from Wary Meyers (Done 7/07)
  • Hang Inside a Black Apples' Mysterious Genevieve print (Done 7/07)
  • Paint and patinate (yes, I looked it up) my gold mirror using pale yellow and blue paint (Done 3/07)
  • Paint dining/craft table a very pale blue to contrast with the red chairs (probably use the leftover samples from Behr or extra Benjamin Moore sample pots) (Done 10/07)
  • Special order a quart of the American Accents Leafy Green paint from Lowe's or Home Depot for the armoire (**I found out that Rust-Oleum no longer makes this color available in a brush-on latex paint, I would have to use the oil-based spray, which I don't want to use. Hmmm...)
  • Take another try at tailoring the loveseat slip cover (still too loose) (Done 6/07)
  • Make the bolster pillows (came up with new idea for the shape) (Done 5/07)
  • Mount artwork on the walls, including my heavy Swingers poster and my Leia Bell prints (Done 5/07 & 10/07)
  • Hang curtain dividing the kitchen from the living/dining area. The fabric I wanted was discontinued so I had to start again and I am now thinking about one of these below. They are from the same collection as the one I originally wanted.

Update: I bought over four yards of the green, yellow, and blue print.*

Bolded = Done
* = In progress


Jessica said...

Where is that second fabric from? Its really cool.

H said...

It's Laurie Smith fabric. You can find it on sale at Hancock fabrics, but they don't have it online. I bought mine for 2.40/yard (same pattern, different color)! The Laurie Smith line has some nice retro modern patterns.

aquarabbit said...

I love that yellow fabric! Is that also from Hancock fabrics?

H said...

Yes it is, they are both from the Laurie Smith line. I bought my fabric from the Alexandria, VA store. Of course the availability varies by store.

lsaspacey said...

The fabrics are still available online. They are listed under Robert Kaufmann, the company produced them (Laurie designed them). The multi color one is called Freer, I can't remember the name for the yellow, and the green Mosaic print that I've shown before, are still available. Right now they are on sale for $10.