Friday, December 08, 2006

Getting some work done.

I decided to take some time off this week because I cannot take any extra time off during Christmas week. So I decided to have some fun, check out some shops and galleries in Richmond that I never been able to see, go to some movies in the afternoon always fun, and of course, get some of my many projects done.

Today: Draft stoppers!

I have a 10 foot tall ceiling in my bedroom and a near-13 foot ceiling in the living/dining room. The bedroom stays cozy because the landlord had all the 6 foot tall casement windows in the building weatherized last year. Unfortunately, I am in one of the two apartments with balcony doors and the expense to order new hardware for them was probably not worth it. Especially since we tenants pay for our own heat (electric).

Therefore, I had to do something, the drafty doors are directly across from the front door which has a floor gap of almost an inch. Well, not any more!

Ta Da!!

And for the balcony doors:

Both draft stoppers were made from an old bathroom towel filled with white aquarium stones. I covered the one for the front door with an outer sleeve of the fabric I bought last week. The one for the balcony I have decided to keep basic since the door will eventually be sealed with plastic for the season once we stop having our freak "warm & beautiful" days.

NEXT: Sewing machine cover and sofa bolster pillow(s)

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Anonymous said...

Rice would have worked well too instead of stones.