Saturday, June 03, 2006

Week 8!!!

No party for me...yet.

I am so behind.

  • The Deep Cleanings from the weeks before all have to be done again.
  • The Landing Strip and entry hall decluttering from Week Three has not even started. (My entry closet is storage for the entire apartment, so it is a HUGE job.)
  • Making meals for myself; actual cooking in my kitchen never did catch on. (I am still heating up, bringing home, and ordering in.)

The Reasons:

  • My summer classes are taking so much time. So much reading!
  • I am lazy.

Perhaps I will have a party after the 2nd Cure in October, which hopefully I will be able to finish. I have so many great ideas for my place and just wish I had the time to get them done.

I will definitely keep checking in and throwing support to all of the others out there doing the Cure.

Go Apartment Therapy Class of June 06!!

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