Friday, May 19, 2006

Thanks for the feedback

This is what I found waiting for me in my Flickr account as a comment for the picture below:

view profile says: Not to offend, but this photo reminds me most of a children's day care center, not an adult living room. Then again, different strokes for different folk.

What do I think?
  • Whenever someone starts a statement with "Not to offend..." it's obvious that they think what comes next could be taken as an insult by the person it is addressed to. So, why say it?

  • Her name links to nothing, so there are no pictures of her own sophisticated and mature adult apartment.
But after that, all I could think was:
  1. My apartment looks fun and unique! The same thing has been said about many of the interiors that I admire, such as Greg and Em's Silverlake Sanctuary apartment from Apartment Therapy's Smallest, Coolest Apartment contest.

  2. It is true that my apartment is full of IKEA and second hand treasures. What money I do not spend on furniture goes towards my IRA, my 401K, and my continuing college education (of which I just paid $1,300 earlier today for the summer semester)

  3. I love my place. Certain things that I love now; like my mosaic side table and my yellow coffee table, were items I was given that I made my own with a little hard work, sandpaper, primer, paint, clay tiles, and grout.

  4. When I do start upgrading my furnishings, I will love my place even more.

    I sure hope Miss
    view profile can say the same about her place.


Bri said...

Lisa, you have no idea how in love I am with that yellow coffee table. What a great piece!

Making a space that is fun, unique, and personal on a budget isn't easy and not everyone understands it, but it's completely rewarding. You're doing an awesome job of it.

Anonymous said...

Not to offend...hah, just kidding. I also love that yellow coffee table and, having seen your other handmade projects, really appreciate your style. I wonder if Miss Nottooffend was responding more to the angle and composition (or lack there of) in that particular photo? It makes the furniture look really small and combined with your vibrant color choices...anyway, don't let it bother you, your place is looking great!

lsaspacey said...

Thank you both so much!

audrey said...

R.E.... Not to offend, but this photo reminds me most of a children's day care center, not an adult living room. Then again, different strokes for different folk.

hey there and greetings from
Dallas... a good friend and mentor of mine once said, "You can always tell what people REALLY mean by what they put after the 'BUT'"

keep truckin my friend... we're not making weapons, we're making cool living spaces for OURSELVES... have a great day!!!


phillippa said...

I love your attitude about your home! You're inspiring! Especially to people like me who find themselves in a similar situation, renovating and decorating on a budget. The best compliment I had was only yesterday when a friend said our house always seems "warm" and inviting. I don't know why someone would be so rude about your lovely house!

By the way, your whole blog is great. :-)

lsaspacey said...

Thank you Phillipa!
I am so addicted to YOUR blog! I haven't taken the pledge yet, but I have been inspired to look at new uses for the clothes and surplus of fabric that I have. I used to make a fair amount of what I wear but I got lazy. Hopefully you'll see me on your site in the fall.