Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The painted cottage


In Apartment Therapy's Eight Step Home Cure book, you were supposed to define your decorating style. I still have not come up with the right combination of words. However, one word would have to be Cottage.

A few years ago, I saw that L.L. Bean had a home store. One of their furniture collections is based on the country cottage and its painted wood furniture. They have quite a few nice pieces and I love the rich colors with just a hint of shine. Here are a few pieces and accessories I would love to own.

Each piece is $199.

This plant stand is $59.

This would look lovely on a side table for $99. Even though it is more than I will pay for a table lamp, it could go on sale. I hope.

This is the clock featured in "In Good Company" with Dennis Quaid and Topher Grace. This Moonbeam clock wakes you with a blinking light that gently increases in intensity. If you fall back asleep, a bell sounds. $36 Also available in Yellow, Green, Pink, and Blue Periwinkle.

This painted bed is only $499 for the Full and Queen sizes.
It is $599 for the King size. Also available in Black, Milk White, and Bronze.

Sweet Dreams

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atomiclibrarian said...

Thank you for mentioning LL Bean. Love the look and the prices.