Sunday, May 21, 2006

Creepy Crawlies

The weather is beautiful here in Richmond; it's sunny and breezy right now.

Situation: My apartment has only two direct openings to the great outdoors.

  • The 6-foot tall vintage casement windows in the bedroom, which luckily have screens.

  • The pocket balcony in the living room, which does not have screen doors.
That means in order to have a breeze going in the living room, I am also inviting whatever flying things become curious enough to cross my threshold. Last summer that meant huge Horse flies. HUGE!

What a hoot it was to find these products sold through SproutHome for only $5.95. I love the packaging. They will be live plants and the most natural insect killer, as no chemicals will be used. The flying visitors that have the nerve to stay will be taking their lives in their hands/wings.

However, my hands will be clean.

The packets are 5" by 7" with a tiny pot (2" d) mounted in the card. The pots contain a peat puck, a seed pack and specific instructions. Price: $5.95

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