Sunday, April 23, 2006

How could I forget?

I forgot to update on who won the Smallest, Coolest Apartment contest, but if you are an avid reader of their site, you already know and if you are not, you only know about the ones that I wrote about and linked to here.

So, from my list, James & Margaret's Iconic Studio, Jane and Darko's Cozy Thicket, Jenny and Clove's LAish Pad, Greg and Em's Silverlake Sanctuary, and Shauna's More Dash than Cash

And from those, Jane and Darko won third place, and Jenny and Clove actually tied for first place with David & Im's Onespace. Now I like the Onespace, but when I wrote my earlier list I was writing about my personal favs and I did not get a feeling of home from this place. But in terms of the contest rules, it fulfilled what the judges were looking for.

Can someone explain to me, why if there is a tie for made it to the finals. (If you check the links you can see a slideshow with additional photos from each.) FIRST place, why does it then skip to THIRD place. Why must the person placing after them have to take home a third place ribbon, or the bronze medal. "Oh, yes I won third place. Oh no, that's it, they both get the gold, I get the bronze, and they save the silver one for next year." How unfair is that? It makes no sense.

So Jane & Darko, in my opinion, congratulations on your


bri said...

hi, lisa. this is bri from at. i keep finding myself reading your blog, and so i'm finally commenting.

i think it's so great that you are documenting your journey with the cure. i'm sure i'll keep checking back to see everything you do!

also, thanks so much for all of your kind words...chad and i were so pleased that someone "got" what we were trying to's nice to know there are more of us out in this crazy world!

hopefully, chad and i will post more pics sometime soon. we have some more painting planned, and a few crafty projects we want to finish (not to mention, i've been reorganizing the closets...ugh). thank you for all of your support during the contest. if you're ever in ny, come on over!

oh, and to answer your question about what we would have done with $ at dwr...we entered the contest because we REALLY wanted one of those low, red, eames wooden lounge chairs (no way we could afford it). however, after seeing sooo many of them in the contest, we've been turned off the idea. i imagine we would've gotten boring things like bedding and flor tiles. i have a feeling the winners will make much better use of the prizes than we would have.

lsaspacey said...

Thanks bri for answering my questions here on my blog.

Yes, the mid-century kind of lost its allure for me too. I definitely have an aversion to that chair now. At first, it was unique to own some of those pieces. Now it seems, at least in New York, it's a status symbol that everyone wants. Once everyone wants something (or needs to have), I don't want it anymore.

So as long as no one wants hand me down furniture and moving day sidewalk treasures, I'm cool as a cucumber.

Looking forward to your new pics, keep checking out my blog and keeping in touch, and if you guys are ever in Richmond, VA, let me know.