Thursday, April 20, 2006

Cure: Week One update

The lamp that I was going to "fix in my apt myself" for Week Two.

Well, I instead decided that the lamp
will become the piece that I "remove from the apt and put outside". After reading my description about how it has been broke for years because the cords are extremely frayed and the vellum in the part of the lamp (the nitelight) that I love was also broken, it made me realize that perhaps it was time for it to move along. Especially since my Dad has already found me a replacement...the amberina globe lamp I wrote about here earlier in the month. Yes, that one with safe, non-death defying cords, an intact mica shade, and it's own nitelight in the base. And most importantly, this lamp already works.

I finished my headboard cover.

well it's not really finished, but it is on the way to being done. I miscalculated the width of the table and the hardware on the other side, so I need to add some fabric to it so that I can still cover the table top with two layers of batting. But otherwise, you can still see what it will look like.

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